Unwanted Sexual Behavior

Signs of Concern

Someone is…

  • Not taking “No” for an answer
  • Not respecting personal boundaries/invading personal space
  • Pushing unwanted drinks
  • Creeping around an intoxicated person
  • Trying to separate a person from their friends
  • Talking about having sex no matter what


Help Someone Else

Try the 3 D's - Distract, Delegate, Direct 

Create a distraction

  • Ask the person to go to bathroom with you.
  • Take the person to get food or go dance.
  • Spill a drink, so they are unable to consume more.

Delegate to get others involved

  • Find an authority figure.
  • Get a team captain.
  • Get a club officer or bouncer.
  • Gather friends to take charge.

Directly intervene

  • To the person attempting to do harm, say:
    • “Stop!”
    • “Leave them alone.”
    • “Go away.”
  • To the person who is at risk of harm
    • Ask “Are you okay?” 
    • Assess if the person knows what’s going on? 
    • Check if the person is able to give consent? 
    • (If you wouldn't let them drive, they probably can’t give consent.)


Help Myself

Say something to create space or time alone:

  • "I have to use the bathroom."
  • "I have my period."
  • "I need to throw up."
  • "My friend needs me/I can’t leave my friend."

Do something to get help:

  • Text a friend to come get you.
  • Text a friend to have them call to give you an interruption.
  • Call Public Safety for an escort home.
  • Track the Late Night Circulator or On-Demand Bus for a ride home


Signs a Sexual Assault May Have Occurred

  • Unwanted sexual activity.
  • Being too drunk to give consent.
  • Not feeling safe to say “No.”
  • Behaving out of character (change in eating & sleeping patterns, less social, more depressed or anxious).
  • Wanting to drop out of school.
  • Talking about suicide.
  • Engaging in sexual acts with a highly intoxicated partner.

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