Drank Too Much

Signs of Concern

Emergent Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

  • Cold or clammy skin 
  • Unresponsive; not waking them up 
  • Puking without waking up 
  • Slow or irregular breathing 

Call Public Safety immediately if any of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning occur. 

Signs of Too Much to Drink:

  • Passing out or throwing up
  • Inability to maintain balance or eye contact
  • Slurred speech
  • Shortness of breath
  • Abnormal body temperature

If you notice multiple of these signs or they escalate, it is best to err on the side of caution and call Public Safety. 


Help Someone Else

  • Don’t leave the person alone. 
  • Don’t assume that the person will make it home safely. The full effect of the alcohol may not have hit yet. 
  • If they want to lie down, and you think they may vomit, position them on their side and call Public Safety.
  • Don’t assume an unconscious person is sleeping—they may be suffering from alcohol poisoning.  
  • If the intoxicated person is stumbling/having difficulty walking, do not try to assist in walking/carrying them home – this could result in injury for you or them. Call Public Safety for help.

If you're not sure whether medical attention is necessary, stop the person from drinking any more alcohol.  

Try the 3D's - Distract, Delegate, Direct

Create a distraction

  • “I love this song! Let’s go dance.”
  • "Let's grab some food."

Delegate to get others involved 

  • Ask a bouncer or officer on duty to check on them.
  • Find their friends. "Hey, have you seen who they came with?"

Intervene directly

  • “You’ve had enough. Why don't you get some water?”
  • "How about we take a break from drinking?"


Help Myself

The only thing that will help you sober up is time. 

To ride this out more safely: 

  • Stop drinking more alcohol. 
  • Drink water or a non-alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated.
  • Stay with friends. 
  • Eat some food. 
  • Have a seat somewhere away from lots of noise.
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Track the Late Night Circulator or On-Demand bus for a safe ride home. 

If you notice significant impacts on your speech (slurring), breathing (slow/irregular pace), or ability to walk/control your body (stumbling, depth perception issues), call Public Safety for help. 


Will I Get in Trouble?

  • There are no University disciplinary consequences to simply drinking or being intoxicated, even for an underage person.
  • There are no disciplinary consequences to seeking medical attention for an intoxicated person, even if that person is underage.
  • There are disciplinary (and possibly legal) consequences to not calling for help if someone needs it.